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All you need is a Polish or an international driving license and you can pick up your license plates in just few hours. Only when the car is registered in your name it can be transported to Poland duty-free. Apart from it, there are no restrictions – registered vehicle can be used in all states. When a car is registered to the owner, it can be shipped to Poland duty-free or sold at any time. Call us even before the purchase of the car – this way we will be able to register and insure the vehicle! Furthermore, documents and license plates can be delivered by mail!

What will you need?

  • Original car title
  • Passport copy
  • Polish driving license copy
  • International driving license copy

You can get an international driving license through our office – price is $98. The address will match the one on the car insurance and registration. After 6 months from the date of registration, you can ship the car to Poland as the resettlement property.

For customers who register their vehicle through our office, we offer a complete, free of charge support with preparing documents for resettlement property and exemption from customs duties. We offer a full service – preparing documents, checking in the car or other vehicle on ship, the customs formalities in Poland or Germany. The cost of shipment is about $1000. Oferujemy pełną obsługę – przygotowanie dokumentów, nadanie samochodu lub innego pojazdu na statek, formalności celne w Polsce lub Niemczech. Koszt transportu to ok. $1000.

How to register a car in USA?

Just contact us – and that’s even before you buy the car. After you make the purchase, you need to provide the required documents. We will send license plates and registration confirmation by mail or deliver in person.

Is the car registered under the name of the owner?


What documents are needed for car registration and insurance?

  • Original car title
  • Passport copy
  • Polish driving license copy
  • International driving license copy

Can I sell my car at any time?

Yes. Yes. The cost of vehicle registration includes 6 months of basic insurance. Regardless of how much the insurance policy is going to be, we always pay in advance, for half a year. After this period, the owner of the vehicle pays for the insurance by himself. You can pay monthly installments or every 6 months. After the period of 6 months passed, payments for further vehicle insurance, may be facilitated through our office.

The costs of the car registration and insurance is subject to the state tax. This tax varies depending on which state the vehicle is registered in. It is usually from 6% to 8%. If you bought a car from a private individual, you yourself shall determine and enter the purchase price on the title. If the vehicle was purchased from a dealer, you must disclose the receipt and the tax will be deducted from the total amount on the bill. The total cost of the registration and insurance differs from case to case – contact us by phone, preferably even before buying a car.

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*Price does not include taxes and insurance. 
**We help in finding the cheapest and best insurance.
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