Who is a Delaware Registered Agent and what he does?

By the law of Delaware, people from outside of Delaware, who want to set up a company there, are required to have a Registered Agent from this state. A Registered Agent acts as the first founder, who submits the required documents and remains the company’s Agent throughout its whole existence. He has the right to make changes in the company registration documents, like number of shares, registered address, name, or assist in case of a close down etc. This is a person (or a company) committed to receive and mail out legal documents on behalf of the business entity. He receives official notifications, including lawsuits or information about state tax arrears.

Is the company required to pay any other official charges besides subscription? 

No, all annual official fees are included in the subscription (business address, Registered Agent fee, franchise tax, etc).
Is a company in Delaware required to pay ZUS or VAT?
Companies, as legal entities, are not subject to ZUS charges. There is no VAT in the USA.
What about VAT on the invoices issued by a Limited Liability Company?
A contractor in Poland, who receives an invoice without VAT can post it as any other invoice. It is to be added, then deducted immediately. VAT of such invoice resets itself.
Is it possible for a company in Delaware to operate and service customers in Poland?
Yes. Also, a Delaware company can make purchases in Poland and have an account in a Polish bank. Invoices have full accounting value in Poland, meaning the buyer can include them in his revenue expenses.
Is it required of a Limited Liability Company to own any initial capital?
Absolutely not.
Is the owner liable personally for the the company obligations?
No. A Limited Liability Company, just as spółka z o.o. is liable with the company’s assets only.
Are all state fees included in the packages?
Yes, all annual fees required in the state of Delaware and the Agent pay are included in the package/ annual subscription price.
Is traveling to the USA required in order to found a company in Delaware?
Absolutely not, you can take care of all the formalities over the phone directly with us or by contacting us electronically.
What suffixes are accepted for a Limited Liability Company from Delaware?
LLC, L.L.C, Limited Liability Company. Those are only: LLC, L.L.C, Limited Liability Company. The name must not contain words like Bank, Trust, University or College. Words like Association or Institute are allowed in Delaware.
Is it acceptable for a Limited Liability Company to own shares of a Polish company?
Of course. The company may have a stake in a Polish company. Also, it can be a general or a limited partner in a limited partnership.
What are the closing costs of the Limited Liability Company?
You must pay a franchise tax for the preceding and current calendar years, then apply for a Certificate of Cancellation. It costs $ 700.
Is it permissible for the Limited Liability Company to own assets in Poland?
Yes, it can own a real property and movables (e.g. machinery, fleet).
Is it permissible to change the name of the company?
Yes, such a feat costs $ 700.
Is the company required to have a US resident on Board?
It is not required.
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